Thanksgiving Wine Pairing Ideas

Well, it’s that time of year again and I’m already salivating at the thought of my Dad’s Stuffing, it’s the best!  I wanted to share some of my favorite holiday pairings with all of you.

Turkey/Gravy, there are so many things you could pair with this light meat but this year I’ll be mixing it up a bit with a good German Pinot Noir (Wasem anybody?) and a series of Dry Rieslings such as 2005 Johann Maximilian, 2006 Barth Charta and 2006 Gutzler GS

Honey Baked Ham, I’ve always loved Cru Beaujoulais with ham but I would also recommend doing something with a touch of Residual Sugar.  I love a Spatlese Semi-dry with this such as 2005 Barth Hattenheimer Hassel or 2006 Blees Ferber Piesporter Gartchen.

Sweet potatos, candied yams or glazed carrots, this is a great place for a nice light semi-dry Kabinett and the 2007 Thanisch Kabinett Feinherb would be a perfect match.  The winemaker Jorg thinks it’s the best Kabinett that he has ever produced.

My Dad always makes some sort of Gratin, whether Cauliflower, Broccoli or Potato a nice dry Kabinett such as 2007 Blees Ferber Trittenheimer Apotheke Dry is fantastic, a sparkling wine such as the 1999 Gutzler Riesling Sekt from a first growth site (Liebfrauenstift Kirchenstuck) would work brilliantly too.

My favorite part of any meal is always dessert and particularly when it’s pie.

So for pumpkin, apple and pecan I would look at something with a good bit of botrytis, any Beerenauslese or Trockenbeerenauslese could be life altering.  Try 1994 Wassem Huxelrebe TBA with flavors of caramel, butterscotch and honey would be a surefire hit.  For value I would look to either the Siegerrebe or Huxelrebe Auslese from Hinkel, both would work very well.  Both of these grapes have ties to Gewurztraminer and give off a cinnamon and ginger like spice.

For Lemon Meringue pie, a sweet Spatlese or auslese would take the cake (the pie)!  Try 2006 Blees Ferber Piesporter Goldtropchen Sweet or the 2005 Barth Auslese

You can always call us at the shop 858-270-9463 and we would be more than happy to make some recommendations based on your budget and preferences.  Also be on the lookout for our Thanksgiving Wine Kit that features everything you need to make your Holiday truly memorable including a free bottle of 2005 Rauen Auslese.

From everyone here at Truly Fine Wine have a safe and happy Holiday Season!

All the best,

Damon, Sabrina and Dustin

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2007 Gutzler White Pinot Noir

We just received a new shipment and there is one wine in particular that I am absolutely thrilled about. A white Pinot Noir from Gerhard Gutzler. White wine from Pinot Noir? That’s right!

The wine was fermented without any skin contact, similar to the way they make Champagne and Pinot Grigio.

The wine is very aromatic, with a floral notes like rose petal and jasmine, medium bodied with ripe apple, honeydew melon and candied lemon. This wine is very unique in the U.S. market, but is apparently is quite common in Germany, which makes sense because German producers make some of the best white wine in the world. This is a wine-geek wine that shouldn’t be missed!–Dry_p_17-15.html

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