Lotus of Siam

Well, I just back into town from Las Vegas.  Although it was a business trip rather than the usual fun & games, I had a incredible experience at Lotus of Siam.

If you don’t know Lotus of Siam in Las Vegas, you absolutely should next time you’re there.  It has been rated the best Thai experience in North America.

It is an experience that true foodies have flocked to Vegas for quite some time to have.  The restaurant is not in a grand Hotel or swanky strip mall.  In fact quite the opposite, Lotus resides in a large semi-run-down stripmall in an offbeat neighborhood not too far from the strip.  No flashing lights, no monstrous buildings that look like New York, Paris or Egyptian Pyramids.  No Castles, fountain shows or gondalas.  Just unbelievable food, at reasonable prices with a wine list that could sooth the inner wine geek in anyone.

While flipping through the 12 pages of Rieslings,I almost wept.

NOTE:  Riesling is to Thai food as Cabernet is to Lamb, no ifs, ands, or buts, it just works!

Robert Parker called it one of the best Riesling lists in the U.S. and I can’t argue with that at all. So many options, so few days in Vegas. The sommelier does such an amazing job find high quality wines, including some great Southern Rhone selctions from a variety of vintages.  Chateauneuf-du-Papes work so well with spicy food because of their softness and lack of oak.  The only thing better than the selection is the prices the wines were barely marked up over retail pricing.

I found it particularly helpful to ask the staff what they recommend.  Extremely knowledgeable, in fact my friend was very allergic to peanuts and bean sprouts and he felt completely comfortable with the whole experience.

I recommend the Thai Jerky, Green Papaya Salad, Tom-Kha soup was the best I’ve ever had and I order it everytime I eat Thai food.  The duck was fantastic, noodles dishes are unbelievable.

If you like Thai food this is the spot!  If you’re a food and wine pairing type then Lotus of Siam will blow your mind!


Dustin Jones

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