Food & Wine Pairing Made Simple; Part 5


Commandment 9 – THE SWEET LIFE


Thinking back to our earlier conversation about toothpaste and orange juice, you need to be careful when pairing wines with desserts. The simple rule of thumb is to always make sure that the wine you are serving with a dessert should always be sweeter than the dessert itself. Most sweet wines have a very intense level of acidity to them to balance out their sweetness. If that sweetness is stripped away from the wine, all that will show is that stark, raw acidity. By ensuring that your dessert wine is sweeter than you dessert, the wine will retain its natural sweetness and complement, rather than turn into battery acid.


Dessert Wines Should Always be Sweeter than the Dessert they are Served With





The best thing about pairing wine and food is that it is always an interesting experiment in matching things together. Sometimes it works so well that you will remember the match and speak of its greatness forever. Other times, you end up with a decent match, but nothing special. Realize that there are no perfect food and wine pairings out there. Everyone tastes things differently, and not everyone likes the same combinations. Have fun with pairing, be willing to break any of the rules, and most importantly – drink what you like. The truth about pairing wine and food is that most wines go with most foods. In reality, it is easy to match them together. Be willing to experiment, try new things, and turn defeat into victory.


Happy Pairing!




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